Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Dr Patty Mulligan

For several years, I have been practicing mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques. In my next few blogs, I will share mindfulness activities that have worked for me that are easy to integrate into your daily life. As You Begin to Think More Mindfully Start by taking short breaks at work or in the middle of your daily routine. Stretch your body … Read More

The Importance of Pets for Your Wellness

Dr. Patty And Trixie Bella On The Beach

Interactions with pets can protect us from certain health problems which are known to be worsened by stress. My dog, Trixie Bella, a female Pomeranian, brings so much joy into my life. She makes me laugh and comforts me when I am sick or upset. Our daily interaction decreases stress in my life and lowers my blood pressure and cholesterol. She … Read More

Why Kindness Matters

“When we cooperate, share, or express gratitude, reward circuits light up in the brain. ” – Dacher Keltner According to Lizette Borelli in her article, “Random Acts of Kindness Raise Dopamine Levels and Boost Your Mood” studies show that sharing kindness, in big or small ways, creates Dopamine in the brain and induces “the helper’s high.” When we’re down, we … Read More

Learn How To Conquer Setbacks

Gratitude is strongly connected to how well you rebound from setbacks. Part of resilience is getting better at being thankful for what you have. An attitude of gratitude affects your mood, outlook, and health. Each year, during the holidays, publications appear to revisit the value of giving thanks. Research has repeatedly confirmed the link between the practice of gratitude and … Read More

How To Find Resilience Towards Adversity

This past year studying Wellness and Health in greater depth, I’ve learned that having a wellness coach (ally) in one’s life can make a HUGE difference in “Bouncing Back” from the setbacks. Resilience is many things: finding regulation amidst adversity, competence in the face of stress, and developing the capacity to face adversity and struggles and then move through them … Read More

The Importance of Chiropractic for Lifestyle Change

Chiropractic has changed my life for the better. After ten years of caring for a wheel chair bound parent, I realized I had back and leg pain I had ignored. One day after lifting my elderly mother to assist her in and out of bed, I reached for my shoes and was frozen. I told one of my colleagues what … Read More