My Journey

My Journey to Become a Wellness Coach started several years ago when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nicoya Costa Rica, one of the Blue Zones. Nicoya Costa Rica – My Peace Corps Experience Nicoya was a distance from the Central Ministry and Peace Corps Offices in San Jose. At the time, my fellow volunteers felt sorry for me … Read More

Service Is A Theme In My Family

My parents, who met and married while in the army, were in their 40’s when I was born. Service is a theme in my family. My parents served in the Army, then worked for the Veteran’s Administration and Hospital in Phoenix. Both sets of grandparents were an important part of my upbringing. Taking care of family members at home was a … Read More

My New Old Way of Eating

I’m not a doctor nor a dietitian, but I took care of a diabetic parent for 30 years and it caused me to learn as much as I could about nutrition and healthy eating. My life style is probably a lot like yours – trying to do as much as I can, for as long as I can, for as … Read More

Thyroid Condition

“What’s wrong with your neck?!” My friends had not seen me in a year and when I went to visit them last April, they were appalled at a growth in the front of my neck and rushed me to urgent care. My thyroid gland was swollen and I began what would be over a month of tests including ultra sound, … Read More