My Journey

My Journey to Become a Wellness Coach started several years ago when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nicoya Costa Rica, one of the Blue Zones. Nicoya Costa Rica – My Peace Corps Experience Nicoya was a distance from the Central Ministry and Peace Corps Offices in San Jose. At the time, my fellow volunteers felt sorry for me being sent so far away from them and having to do without modern conveniences. I didn’t realize how fortunate I was to be selected to work in a blue zone! Not only did I have an outstanding Peace Corps assignment, I learned how to live a healthy happy lifestyle. Peace Corps Prepared Me for My Future

A teacher attending my classes

As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nicoya, I worked for two years in one of the country’s largest educational regions. Traveling six days a week on horseback and by motorcycle, I supervised and trained K-6 elementary school administrators and teachers in remote and rural areas which included 162 schools and 536 personnel. The linguistic and cultural lessons I learned about Costa Rica could never have been learned from a college course or a textbook. Coming to understand what was important in peoples’ lives and how to “fit in” as a member of the community, I developed sensitivity to cultural issues and the needs of those from diverse backgrounds. I was very fortunate to live and work in Nicoya with so many kind and gracious people.      

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