Work With Dr. Patty Mulligan

One on One Wellness & Health Coaching

What if you could feel content with your life? Imagine a healthy, happy life that is meaningful, fulfilling and balanced. What if you could

  • Stop playing catch up and live your life with intention
  • Create balance in your daily life
  • Slow things down and find calm in your fast-paced day-to-day life
  • Find calm and peace within yourself
  • Wake up each day with a feeling of purpose
  • Fell that excitement you've been missing about the path your life is on

Dr. Patty is your ally on the your way to wellness. She works along side her clients to develop goals and plans that bring wellness to their minds and bodies.


What Is Included With Your Coaching?

During your first free 30 minute consultation Dr. Patty will go through your "Welcome Packet" that is emailed to you when you book your session. As your coach, it’s important Dr. Patty to understand how you view the world, yourself, and your job or career. Each person is unique and understanding you will help Dr. Patty support and assist you.

If you decide to move forward with coaching, your 6-week coaching sessions with Dr. Patty will include:

  • Your personalized and unique 6-week Health & Wellness plan
  • Intenstive 30 minute weekly coaching sessions
  • Multiple check-ins throughout the week to help you stay on track

Why 30 minute sessions?

Dr. Patty meets with her clients for a very focused and intensive 30 minutes during her sessions. Dr. Patty's time with you is centered around real and lasting change. The time spent in your coaching sessions will be purposeful and designed to help you grow.

Request A Discovery Call With Dr. Patty

You can start on your journey to wellness with your ally, Dr. Patty right away. Your first 30 minute consultation is free and there is no obligation or strings attached. Request your free consultation today.

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